Gayathri and Shylesh - Founders of Atmanandam

born and raised in Northern India and spent much of his life living in disciplined spiritual settings. He has had the privilege and grace to encounter several evolved, enlightened Masters and received blessings from them. Through this humbling experience, he has realized that it is only through self-knowledge and a constant practice, can one be free from external suffering and experience the Joy within. He believes that it is everyone’s birthright to attain and experience realization and Atmanandam.

grew up in many places with awareness of her connection to the Earth and its wisdom. She brings her intuition and strong sense of the sacred Feminine Divine to teach others their own inherent spiritual power that must be cultivated with the utmost respect to Nature and all Life in the way of devotion and surrender. She continues to practice and inculcate many of the traditional teachings and practices of the pre-Vedic cultures of India.

She lives and breathes her personal mantra: “Be Authentic and Be Present to Yourself always. If there is anything to know, know yourself. If there is anything to transform, transform yourself. If there is any Truth in this world, that Truth is attaining your True Divine Self.”

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