Our Ashram

Future plan of Atmanandam - Ashram and Philantrophy


We are currently constructing a meditation retreat center in the hills of Vagamon, Kerala, (South India) where tea and spice estates abound in a beautiful unpolluted idyllic, rugged area of the Western Ghats. The ashram retreat center is targeted for completion by the end of 2015. Please contact us at info@atmanandam.org if you are interested in our efforts and would like to become a participant in this endeavor.

Future meditation center site-northeast corner.

Site surrounded by spice trees.

New acquisition for future meditation center side dhyana mandir site.

Entrance to property.

View from property of future retreat center.



We completed our endeavor of helping translate “The Greatness of Saturn- A Therapeutic Myth” by Dr. Robert Svoboda into Malayalam (the language spoken in the state of Kerala, South India). This translation is now available for purchase through the publisher D.C.Books Kottayam, Kerala.

Throughout time, in almost all ancient traditions, mythological stories have been transferred through generations as a powerful way of transmitting living wisdom while teaching how to face adversity. Telling these stories has a therapeutic healing effect on the spirit of both the story-teller and the listener while keeping a lineage of tradition alive. The Greatness of Saturn honors the planet Saturn as a cosmological archetype representing time, limitations, loss and all adversity. This book is a compilation of stories from the Vedic traditions of India originally referred to as the Shani Mahatmyam.

Many spiritual aspirants (Sadhakas) and devotees alike undertake reading such stories as part of their spiritual practice (Sadhana). We recommend that all aspirants take on reading this myth and allow it to work through you while passing it on to others. It is in this vein that a need was identified to make this work available to native readers in Kerala (the Southern state in India that we hail from). It has been our privilege to have the author as a good friend and mentor and it was our privilege to undertake this translation effort.

We are currently completing our Meditation retreat center located in Vagamon, Kerala,India. Upon completion, those who wish to immerse themselves in a 7, 10 or 21-day immersion in silence and/or a guided retreat will be able to do so. You will be provided a supportive and peaceful environment where simple techniques of yoga,meditation and Vedic Chanting will be offered with a focus on inner silence. Meals and accommodation will be provided and is inclusive in retreat fees. Details are forthcoming

Please contact us at info@atmanandam.org if you would like to be part of this wonderful opportunity.